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gtHey there.

You love a good story. Everyone’s looking for a story to get lost in. My goal is to take you on a journey through worlds of fiction.

I write fantasy and science fiction short stories. Here, I’ll be creating a loose tapestry of connected and disconnected stories that inhabit the same universe: fantasy stories will be from the world of Mezion, and sci-fi stories will have several distinct planets to visit. There will be stories that won’t be housed in that universe, just to showcase something completely different from time-to-time.

All stories will be unique, and you’ll see them here first.

I’ve been a keen world-builder ever since I was young, and I would spend hours every day creating imaginary worlds with modelling clay. I’ve drawn fantasy lands, made countless fictional maps, and dabbled in making a fictional language for my world.

A favorite moment of mine which sparked the writer in me was during elementary school. I wrote stories for my friends to read, and soon they were shared with the class. Our teacher usually dedicated fifteen minutes of reading time every week, and when he heard that I was writing stories, he allowed me to read my stories to the class. Awesome guy, and awesome classmates.

The love and passion of creating believable fictional stories has stayed with me ever since, and now I work on my craft, refine it, and make every story that much better. I have enough notebooks full of story ideas to fill a small library, and so I wish to fit those snippets of worlds unseen onto a few pages, and share it with you.

Comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated! I love starting a conversation with a reader, so feel free to reply in a story or send me an email and I’ll be sure to answer back.


-George Talin


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